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Laughter As Politics Book Cover

Dr. Patrick Giamario

Laughter as Politics offers a novel account of laughter’s role in contemporary political life. A world awash in hilarity has rendered the traditional philosophical question of whether laughter should play a role in politics obsolete. Faced with the laughter generated by late-night comedians, Twitter trolls, and reality TV presidents, we must instead trace how laughter operates politically…

Jerry Pubantz

With a fresh look at challenges to the UN in Syria, Iran, Russia, and elsewhere, the second edition of this […]

Robert Griffiths

As Africa’s strategic importance has increased over the past decade and a half, United States security cooperation with the continent […]

Gregory E. McAvoy

Amidst the polarization of contemporary politics, partisan loyalties among citizens are regarded as one contributor to political stalemate. Partisan loyalties […]

Allison Bramwell

Today more than ever, cities matter to the economic and social well-being of the vast majority of Canadians. Canada’s urban […]

Fabrice Lehoucq

This book analyzes the origins and consequences of civil war in Central America. Fabrice Lehoucq argues that the inability of […]

David Holian and Charles Prysby

Voter perceptions of the personal traits of presidential candidates are widely regarded to be important influences on the vote. Media […]

Susan Johnson

Professor Susan Johnson’s research focuses on judicial behavior in the United States and Canada.  In her recent book on the […]