Corynn Kolberg (MPA ’20)

Corynn Kolberg

“You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated” is one of Corynn’s favorite Maya Angelou quotes.

Corynn grew up in California and in 2011, she moved to North Carolina to attend Wake Forest University. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Economics, she worked for Wake Forest University as a fundraiser, which had led to her interest in nonprofit management. After working at Wake Forest University, Corynn was hired at the University of North Carolina School of Arts as a Major Gifts Officer. While working as a Major Gifts Officer, Corynn started her graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management at UNCG. When she finished her certificate program, she wanted to know more about nonprofit enterprise, so she moved over into the MPA program with a concentration in Nonprofit management.

Along with the experiences she had in the MPA program, Corynn mentioned that her best experience was working in group projects. This helped her to expand her knowledge of the advantages and challenges of smaller non-profit organizations. She also mentioned that as a Major Gifts Officer, being a student in a Non-Profit made her realize the privilege she has of working toward a common goal that enhances the community.

Corynn enjoys her time outside of work with her sweet dog named Andy who is three and she also volunteers at the Triad Golden Retriever Rescue.