Prelaw Concentration

Students interested in applying to law school will benefit from several courses related to law that are offered by a diverse political science faculty. Students may also declare a prelaw concentration as part of their major requirement of 30 hours.

The Prelaw concentration requires:

  1. PSC 316 Judicial Process
  2. Nine (9) semester hours from the following:
    • PSC 280 Introduction to Law
    • PSC 318 Constitutional Law
    • PSC 320 Civil Liberties
    • PSC 312 Environmental Law and Policy
    • PSC 313 Natural Resources Law and Policy
    • PSC 314 Wildlife Law and Policy
    • PSC 326 Elections, Law and the Courts
    • PSC 333 The U.S. Congress*
    • PSC 336 Women and the Law
    • PSC 399 Public Affairs Internship*
    • PSC 341 International Law
    • PSC 516 Administrative Law

* “when approved by the department as an appropriate prelaw-related course.”

Prelaw Planning Suggestions

Consult the UNCG Bulletin for details.