Public Affairs Concentration

The Public Affairs concentration provides Political Science majors sufficient breadth and depth of knowledge in public policy, public affairs, and public administration to give students the academic background necessary to succeed in related jobs and professions and to prepare them for advanced studies in these fields. In partial fulfillment of the major requirements, the Public Affairs concentration requires 12 semester hours with courses in public policy, public administration, and public affairs, selected from the courses listed below:

  • PSC 210 Introduction to Public Policy
  • PSC 310 Public Administration
  • PSC 311 The Nonprofit Sector and Governance
  • PSC 312 Environmental Law and Policy
  • PSC 316 Judicial Process
  • PSC 322 American State Politics
  • PSC 323 Urban Politics
  • PSC 329 American Interest Group Politics
  • PSC 333 The U.S. Congress
  • PSC 334 The American Presidency
  • PSC 399 Public Affairs Internship