Recent News

Congratulations to our Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients!

The following students are the scholarship recipients for academic year 2020-21:


                                                     May Davidson Scholarship 

                                                                Jessica Agbemavor

                                                              Jenny Lois Francisco

                                                                 Jaear McClendon

                                                                Panashe Washaya

                                            Annie Moring Alexander Scholarship 

                                                                   Kiana Banks

                                                           Andrea Santolim Geller 

                                                                 Shante McNeill 

                                                                   Chloe Siegel

                                                   James Clotfelter Scholarship

                                                                    Joy Woods

                                                       Mina Weil Scholarship 

                                                           Elizabeth Upchurch

Congratulations to Our Outstanding Seniors!

Our department faculty voted to award the following students with our department’s highest honor—Outstanding Senior in Political Science, for academic year 2019-2020:

                                                           Hannah Astin

                                                             Kaylee Faw

                                                             David Webb

Congratulations to our Spring 2020 Graduates!

Our Spring 2020 MPA Graduates are:  Ryan Harris, Jo’ann Holder, Coryn Kolberg, Gabrielle Lamountain, Keviele McBride, Jordan Paige, Antonio Powell, Rebecca Ray, Stephen Simpson and Lindsay Swing!!!

Our Summer 2020 Nonprofit Management Certificate Graduates are:  Stephanie Finch, Hannah Van Hooser and Victoria Young!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!!

CLS Lecture: “Sexualized Black Subjection: (Re)producing the Social Body”

CLS2 - Douglass 02 26 2020

Human Rights Network Film Series: The Price of Free

The Price of Free-8.5 x 11

CLS Lecture

CLS1 - Colton flyer

HRN Film Series: The Innocents

The Innocents 01 30 2020

HRN Film Series: GETT The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

Human Rights Film - Gett

PSC Lecture Series: China, Russia and the Threat to Liberal Democracy

CLS1 - Liao Flyer

Human Rights Network Film Series: City of Joy

City of Joy (1)-1