Major in Political Science

The undergraduate political science curriculum has two primary goals. First, it offers students a broad liberal arts education along with a comprehensive understanding of the nature and functioning of the political process. Second, it also provides a sound foundation for graduate study in political science, public administration and nonprofit management, or for careers that require knowledge of governance and the political process, such as law. With these objectives in mind, the department offers a range of electives, several writing and speaking intensive courses, undergraduate internship courses, service learning sections, and undergraduate research assistantships.

The departmental requirements for the major are:

At least 30 hours in political science courses including:

  • These four courses:
    1. PSC 200 – American Politics
    2. PSC 240 – International System
    3. PSC 260 – Introduction to Comparative Politics
    4. PSC 301 – Research Methods

You should complete PSC 200 (American Politics) before you take 300-level courses. These four courses should be completed by the end of your sophomore year.

  • An additional 18 hours, all of which must be at the 200-level, or above, and 15 hours all of which must be at the 300-level or above.
  • Political science majors also must meet the General Education Curriculum (GEC) and the requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences. Consult the UNCG Bulletin for details.

Political Science as a Second Major

A second major requires a minimum of 30 semester hours in each of two approved majors. All requirements of each major must be met; hours from the second major can be applied toward General Education requirements. A student with a first major outside the College of Arts and Sciences who chooses a second major in one of the College departments is required to complete all of the departmental requirements for the second major but need not satisfy the Additional College General Education requirements. In the case of transfer students, at least 12 hours in each major must be taken at UNCG. Students wishing to complete a second major should contact the Office of the Director of Student Academic Services so that an advisor can be appointed in each major.

Special Note for Prospective Teachers:

Political Science majors seeking teacher licensure and Education majors seeking Political Science as a second major should consult the current catalog and an advisor in the School of Education for program requirements.